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  • A Colmcille on the radio!.
    In the run up to the Munich round of the European league, Eoin Suilleabhain of the Mnchen Colmcilles was interviewed LIVE by Radio na Gaeltachta on the afternoon of the 25th of july. Eoin described to Aogn Muircheartaigh of the "An Saol Dheas" show, the preparations for the upcoming tournament and how life in Munich is for the Irish community living here.
  • European County Board AGM report
    Report reporduced from Irish examiner
  • Hogan stand articles

    "GAA takes root in Munich"
    December 2001 Issue

    "First Ever European Gaelic Football County Finals"
    October 2001 Issue

    "Gaelic Games are growing across Germany"
    August 2001 Issue

    "Fliegen in Der Fremde"

    Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 19.09.01
    (Article not availible online)

  • "Good Sport (Paul Larkin)", 01.12.01

    Luxembourg news

    July 2001 Issue.
    Front Cover Photo, Paul Larkin vs. Barcelona
    Article not available online