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Members Profiles

Members are divided into the following categories:

Current Mens Players

Current Ladies Players

Hall of Fame!!

Current Mens Players

Niall Mc Corley

Name: Niall (The Lillywhite) Mc Corley 
Date of Birth:30/09/71 
Club in Ireland:Clane 
Favourite Position:Midfield 
Occupation:IT Consultant 
Pastimes:GAA,Rugby,Golf,Traveling,Languages, Reading and drinking ! 
Favourite Sportsperson:The Great Kerry team of the 70's and 80's 
Favourite Sporting Memory: Winning the Leinster U/21 Football Championship with Kildare in '93 against Dublin 

Paudie O Kelly

Name: Paudie O' Kelly 
Date of Birth: 25th April 1972 
County: Cill Mhantain 
Club in Ireland: Newtown Mount Kennedy, Co. Cill Mhantain 
Favourite Position: Midfield, Half-Back line 
Occupation: Portfolio Finance Manager 
Pastimes: GAA, Travel, F1, Skuba-diving, Munich-Barons Ice-hockey supporter 
Favourite Sportsperson: Ayrton Senna 
Favourite Sporting Memory: Stade de France, Paddy's weekend 2000, among 
80.000 frogs, and screaming the harp home !!!


Name: Noel Mc Kenna 
Date of Birth: 13/12/75
County: Kerry 
Club in Ireland: Miltown/Castlemaine 
Favourite Position: Centre Back 
Occupation: Consultant 
Pastimes: Reading, Cinema, Tennis 
Favourite Sportsperson: Maurice Fitzgerald 
Favourite Sporting Memory: Man Utd beating Bayern Munich to win the European 
Champions League

Pat Collins

Name: Pat Collins 
Date of Birth: 10th March 1971 
County: Ireland 
Club in Ireland: Kildorrery, Co. Cork 
Favourite Position: Half forward 
Occupation: Software tester 
Pastimes: playing/watching sports, cooking/eating food, drinking wine/beer, 
watching films 
Favourite Sportsperson: Emil Zatopek
Favourite Sporting Memory: Watching the great Kerry team as a child

big Paul

Name: Paul (the Wall) Larkin 
Date of Birth: 23.03.73 
County: Armagh 
Club in Ireland: Crossmaglen Rangers
Favourite Position: centre half back 
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer 
Pastimes: travelling and sport 
Favourite Sportsperson: 
Favourite Sporting Memory: All Ireland club win 1998 with Crossmaglen Rangers - 
Croke park up on the steps 
looking down on fans after winning - that rush of 
blood when the team came on the field.


Name: Daire "Mr. Consistant" Kivlehan 
Date of Birth: 11 11 1977 
County: Cavan
Club in Ireland: Killeshandra Leaguers 
Favourite Position: Right Half Back 
Occupation: Software Developer 
Pastimes: Playing Football, Watching Football, Talking Football!! 
Favourite Sportsperson: Damien Reilly 
Favourite Sporting Memory: Cavan coming on the field in a sell out Croke Park for the 1997 All-Ireland Semi-Final.
Worst Sporting Memory: The 1997 All-Ireland Semi-Final when Cavan did not play to their potential at all.

Alex O 'Neill !!

Name: Alex "Shoulder" Stojcevic 
Date of Birth: 22/04/77
Country: Yugoslavia 
Favourite Position: Goalie / Full Forward
Occupation: Telecommunications fitter 
Pastimes: Soccer, Gaelic football, travelling, and drinking 
Favourite Sportsperson: Kenny Dalglish 
Favourite Sporting Memory: The great Liverpool team of the 80's.

Dan (the giant) Galavan

Name: Dan (The Man) Galavan 
Date of Birth: 19/08/77 
County: Wexford 
Club in Ireland: Rathnure 
Favourite Position: Right half forward 
Occupation: Software developer 
Pastimes: GAA, Soccer, travelling, reading, socialising
Favourite Sportsperson: Kevin Broderick (Galway) 
Favourite Sporting Memory: Scoring my first point for the München Colmcilles vs. Luxembourg in Brussels 2002

Aido (the highlander) Patton

Name: Adrian (Aido) Patton 
Date of Birth: 15-11-1977 
County: Donegal 
Club in Ireland: Robert Emmetts (Castlefinn) 
Favourite Position: Right Half-back 
Occupation: Student (currently studying Electronic Engineering) 
Pastimes: Playing and watching both gaelic and soccer,
jogging, and of course socialising by having an odd drink 
Favourite Sportsperson:Henrik Larsson 
Favourite Sporting Memory: Watching Donegal beat 
Dublin to win the All-Ireland final in 1992 . 


Name: Pierre Rey 
Date of Birth: 28/10/76 
Nationality: French 
Favourite Position: Forwards 
Occupation: Consultant Engineer 
Pastimes: Rugby, soccer, swimming, cycling, hiking etc. etc. 
Favourite Sportsperson: Titou Lamaison 
Favourite Sporting Memory:New-Zealand / France 99 
(what a crazy game) and Spain / Nigeria 98

Kerry Niall

Name: Níall "The bomber" Barrett 
Date of Birth:03/09/70 
Club in Ireland: Austin Stacks (Rock Street, Tralee) 
Favourite Position: Right Halfback 
Occupation: Electronics Sales 
Pastimes:Gaelic Football, Cycling, having a pint now and then but more now than then! 
Favourite Sportsperson: Mikey Sheehey for his sheer wizardry 
Favourite Sporting Memory: 1978 All-Ireland final Kerry V Dublin (sitting on my father's lap) as Micko's team exploded onto the scene to almost achieve the impossible 5-in-row. 

big Owen

Name: Aidan O Sullivan 
D.O.B.: 25.4.77 
County: The only European city in Ireland, the Capital 
Club in Ireland: Na Fianna 
Favourite position: ABB (any where but the bench) 
Occupation: freelancer newspaper reader 
Pastimes: drinking, soccer, gaelic, golf, snowboarding 
Favourite Sportstar: jayo sherlock (the northside legend!!) 
Favouite Moment in Sport: any Dublin score againest Meath 

big Owen

Name: Owen Joseph O'Leary 
D.O.B.: 17th July 1972 
County: Cork 
Club in Ireland: Douglas 
Favourite position: Full forward, half forward 
Occupation: Design engineer 
Pastimes: Being Irish and speaking with a strong Cork accent. 
Favourite Sportstar: Diego Maradonna 
Favouite Moment in Sport: When Manchester United won the champions 
league and when Tomas Mulcahy buried his goal against Galway (Hill-16 
end) in the 1986 All-Ireland final (I was there). 


Name:Francis Andrew Buckley 
Club in Ireland:spa 
Favourite position:Center forward 
Occupation:service pc support administration 
Pastimes:surfing snowboarding sking mountain bikeing GAA soccer 
Favourite Sportstar: Niáll Barrett
Favouite Moment in Sport: Scoring the goal againest Brussels in Luxembourg 2002 for the 'cilles.

John Mallon

Name: John Mallon 
County: Longford 
Club in Ireland: Emmet Og 
Favourite position: Left-half back 
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer 
Pastimes: playing football and going for a pint 
Favourite Sportstar: Martin Storey 
Favouite Moment in Sport: Wexford winning the All Ireland in 1996

big Mick

Name: Michael (Big Mick) Dempsey 
D.O.B.: 19/Dec/1971 
County: Dublin 
Club in Ireland: St Judes 
Favourite position: Centre Half Back 
Occupation: IT Consultant 
Pastimes: Basketball, GAA, Swimming & socializing 
Favourite Sportstar: Keith Woods 
Favouite Moment in Sport: Playing BB for Northern Ireland & beating 
England in the finals 

no pic

Name: John Toal
Date of Birth: 14/2/1979 
County: Armagh 
Club in Ireland: Mullaghbawn 
Favourite Position: Goalkeeper 
Occupation: Student 
Pastimes: Gaelic, Basketball, Golf, Rallying and (of course), drinking! 
Favourite Sportsperson: Brendan Tierney (Armagh goalkeeper) 
Favourite Sporting Memory: Mullaghbawn winning the Ulster Club Championship 

no pic

Name: Padraic Fitzpatrick
 Date of Birth: 21/01/81
 County: Antrim
 Club in Ireland:  St James G.A.C Aldergove Crumlin
 Favourite Position: Half Forward
 Occupation: Student studying Electronic engineering 
 Pastimes: Gaelisch Fußball, Christianity, Langauges and Beer
 Favourite Sportsperson: any irish person that ever lived
 Favourite Sporting Memory: whenever england get beat in football.

no pic

Name:  Eoin O Suilleabhain 
Date of Birth: 22/09/1980 
County:  "Peoples Republic Of Cork" 
Club in Ireland: Naomh Aban Baile Bhuirne 
Favourite Position: Attacking Wing Back !! 
Occupation: Student IT Tralee 
Pastimes: Playing and watching football
Favourite Sportsperson: The Great Declan Barron, "Ah, twas a sight to see 
him Play" 
Favourite Sporting Memory:  Cork winning the double "Boy" and or Colm O'Neill punching Lyons in the Final

no pic

Name: Mick O'Connell
D.O.B.: 31.10.1980
County of Origin: Cork
Club at home: Castlelyons
Favouite Position: Midfield
Occupation: Student (Software development and German)
Pastimes: Hurling, Soccer, Gaelic Football, travelling, and listening to
Favourite Moment in Sport: Winning intermediate hurling county final
with Castlelyons in 1998, because we were only a junior B hurling club
in 1991.

no pic

Name: Brendan Holohan 
Date of Birth: 19.03.1974
County: Cork 
Club in Ireland: Mitchelstown
Favourite Position: Forward 
Occupation: Market Researcher 
Pastimes: Camping, hiking and tennis.
Favourite Sportsperson: Andrea Agassi and Tony Doran 
Favourite Sporting Memory:  Winning North Cork B U-12 hurling title (when I was 8) and being in Giants Stadium when Ireland beat Italy 1-0 in the 1994 World Cup

no pic

Name: Brendan Sharkey
D.O.B 21/08/81
County of Origin: Cork
Club at Home: None
Favourite Position: Midfield
Occupation: Student
Pastimes: Playing soccer, reading, socialising,
Favourite Sportsperson: Pelè
Favourite Sporting Memory: Ray Houghton´s header
against England.

no pic
Name:  Robbie Aherne
Date of Birth: 22/10/1980
County:  Waterford
Club in Ireland: Sraidbhaile na nDeise
Favourite Position: Corner Forward
Occupation: Student, UCC
Pastimes: All sports, German language classes 
Favourite Sportsperson: Sonia O Sullivan
Favourite Sporting Memory: Give a guess!!!!

no pic

Name: Maurice O'Brien
Date of Birth: 09/11/68
County: Clare
Occupation: IT Technical Support
Pastimes: GAA, Chess,Traveling, Swimming and Cycling
Favourite Team :The Clare team of the 90`s
Favourite Sporting Memory: Seeing Clare win the All-Ireland in 1995.

no pic
Name: Declan Delaney
Date of Birth: N/A
County: Cork
Club in Ireland: N/A
Favourite Position: Forward 
Occupation: IT Consultant
Pastimes: N/A
Favourite Sportsperson:  N/A
Favourite Sporting Memory:  N/A

The Ladies!!

no pic

Name: Maria Lane 
Date of Birth: 14.06.1977 
County: Cork 
Club in Ireland: was Éire óg 
Favourite Position: Corner back 
Occupation: Mechanical Technician 
Pastimes: Socialising(alot),drinking in beergardens, camogie, reading 
Favourite Sportsperson: Jimmy Barry Murphy/Jack O' Shea 
Favourite Sporting Memory: When Cork won the double and then Duhallow won the 
county all in 1990!!!!!

no pic

Name: Áine Twomey
D.O.B.: 26.07.77
County of Origin: Dublin
Club at home: None
Favouite Position: Forward
Occupation: Java Programmer
Pastimes: Obviously playing gaelic and then all that goes with it,
snowboarding, reading books about other cultures, languages,
travelling, and learning Shiatsu (type of Massage)
Favourite Sportsperson:
Favourite Moment in Sport: I'd have to say this year in the World Cup
When Ireland got a goal against Germany in the extra time.

no pic

Name: Deirdre Ní Dheá
Date of Birth:17/03/1979
Club in Ireland: none, but would be Balinteer St. Johns
Favourite Position: Centre Forward
Occupation:IT Consultant
Pastimes: travel, reading, music, art, very bad german soaps, cooking
Favourite Sportsperson: Packie bonner
Favourite Sporting Memory: when ireland beat germany in the world cup

no pic

Name: Sinéad Larkin
Date of Birth:01/03/78
Club in Ireland:
Favourite Position: Backs
Occupation: IT Consultant
Pastimes: camogie, travelling, reading, hiking and of course football!!
Favourite Sportsperson:
Favourite Sporting Memory: Offaly winning the All Ireland Senior Hurling 
Championship against Limerick in '94

no pic

NName:Michelle McCarthy
Club at home:0
Favourite playing Position:Defence
Occupation:Marketing Assistent
Pastimes:Swimming, Biergarden
Favourite Sportsperson:Packie Bonner
Favourite Moment in Sport:When some woman did a streaker at a Snooker Final!

no pic

Name: Aoife Kennedy
Date of Birth: 20.4.83
County: Limerick
Club in Ireland: N/A
Favourite Position: Attack
Occupation: Student
Favourite Sportsperson: Roy Keane
Favourite Sporting Memory: Playing for Limerick

no pic

Name: Sinéad Larkin
Date of Birth:01/03/78
Club in Ireland:
Favourite Position: Backs
Occupation: IT Consultant
Pastimes: camogie, travelling, reading, hiking and of course football!!
Favourite Sportsperson:
Favourite Sporting Memory: Offaly winning the All Ireland Senior Hurling 
Championship against Limerick in '94

Hall Of Fame!!

Jamsie Monahan

Name: James Monahan 
Date of Birth: 31/8/80 
Club in Ireland:Kilnamona 
Favourite Position: Midfield 
Occupation: Student 
Pastimes: Sports in general 
Favourite Sportsperson: Colin Lynch 
Favourite Sporting Memory: Clare's first half performance against Tipp in '97 
Munster Hurling Final - best display I've seen from a Clare team.

Irish Kev

Name: Kevin Walsh 
Date of Birth: 28/07/1977 
County: Mayo 
Club in Ireland: Naomh Mearnog 
Favourite Position: Half Back 
Occupation: IT Consultant 
Pastimes: Gaa, Snowboarding, swimming, rugby, soccer, reading and drinking. 
Favorite Sportsperson: Roy Keane, Keith Woods, Brian O'Driscoll, Rivaldo, 
Favorite Sporting Memory: Ray Houghton's goals against England '88 and Italy 
'94, and O'Driscoll's hat-trick against France last year. 

wee Daniel

Name: Daniel Nagle 
Date of Birth: 20/06/1981. 
County: Kerry 
Club in Ireland: 
Favourite Position: Forward. 
Occupation: Computer Engineering Student. 
Pastimes: Reading, Computers, GAA, Politics, Martial Arts, Socializing & 
Favourite Sportsperson: Maurice Fitzgearld. 
Favourite Sporting Memory: Dr. Crokes winning the All Ireland Club 
Championships in 1992. 

Paul Larkin (On the front cover of the Luxembourg News)

Name: Martin O'Connell 
Date of Birth: 11/05/1982 
County: Cork 
Club in Ireland: Banteer GAA Club 
Favourite Position: Full Back 
Occupation: Student 
Pastimes: Hurling, Football, all outdoor activies, traveling the world, meeting 
new people, generally having a laugh. 
Favourite Sportsperson: Brian Corcoran "Cork centre back" 
Favourite Sporting Memory: Beating Kerry in the U16 Munster final after extra 
time, it was the best game ever!!!!