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München Colmcilles Mens Team,  Page 1 of 2  
Goal Keeper

Eric McInerney
Right Corner Back

Daire 'Mr. Consistant' Kivlehan
Center Back

Paul 'The Wall' Larkin
Left Corner Back

Níall 'Bomber' Barrett
Right Half Back

Paudi O' Kelly
Center Half Back

Pat Collins
Left Half Back

Dave Dempsey
Mid field

Noel McKenna

Mid field

Niall 'the lily white'

Right Half Forward

Brendan Holohan
Center Half Forward

Adrian 'Aido' Patton
Left Half Forward

Dave McVerry
Right Corner Forward

Dan 'The Man' Galavan
Center Forward

Eoin O' Leary
Left Corner Forward

Alex 'shoulder' Stojevic

Kevin 'Archie' McGleenon

Panel 2

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