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2003 Euro League - Munich Leg - Directions

1. Pitch Address:
SV Gartenstadt Trudering,
Heinrich-Wieland-Straße 102,
81735 Munich

2. From city center to pitch using public transport:
From the main trainstation (Hauptbahnhof), get the underground line in the direction of Neuperlach Sud. Get off at the 'QUIDDESTRASSE' stop which is 8 stops from the main train station. Approximate train journey time is 20 minutes. Exit the 'QUIDDESTRASSE' underground station and walk onto 'HEINRICH-WIELAND' street, and go to 'HEINRICH-WIELAND' street number 102. Click here to download walking directions.

3. From Munich Airport to City center:
The airport is approximatly 30 minutes outside of the city but there is a pretty good Underground system linking it to the city center. Once you collect your baggage follow the underground symbols . Take either the S1 or S8 line, both will take you to the city center.

4. Driving Directions:
Go to the follwing website:, follow these steps:

  • Click on 'Directions'.
  • Type in your relevant 'START' details
  • Type the pitch address, listed above, into the 'END' section.

  • Alternatively, click here for a direct link.

    For further details, please contact: