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Muenchen Colmcilles fixtures, 2003
(subject to Committee approval)
Gaelic football Challenge match (Ostpark, Munich, Germany), March 15th
St. Patricks Day Parade, Munich, Germany, March 16th
Zurich, Switzerland, challenge hurling match.
Date to be finalised.
Paris, France, April 12th (Euro league Round 2)
Luxembourg, Luxembourg, May 31st (Euro league Round 4)
Gaelic football Challenge match vs. Wuerzburg St. Kilians in Wuerzburg, June 14th
Brussels, Belgium, June 28th (Euro league Round 5)
Muenchen , Germany, Aug. 9th (Euro league Round 6)
Barcelona, (Spain) Sept. 20th (Euro league Round 7)
Den Haag, (Holland)Oct 11th (Euro league Round 8)
Euro Winners judged on best 5 of 8 rounds
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