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Mens football, section 2

The action continues....

Munich B vs. Frankfurt/Würzburg

Munich B vs. Frankfurt/Würzburg

Munich B regroup

Den Haag take a breather

The players + spectators await the announcement...

...Paul Larkin addresses the crowd....

...München Colmcilles win their first tournament ever!.

Munich captain Mick O' Connell tells the crowd that there are plenty more wins where this one came from!
The Muenchen Colmcilles A squad:
Alan Ronan, Padraic Fitzpatrick, Brendan Sharkey,
Niall "the lily white" Mc Corley, John Toal, Niall "Bomber" Barrett,
Martin Casey, Owen O' Leary, Eoin O' Suillibhain,
Mick Boland, Mick O' Connell, John Mallon, Noel McKenna,
Daire "Mr. Consistant" Kivlehan, Pat Collins. Manager - Kevin McGleenon.

The Muenchen Colmcilles B squad:
Dave Dempsey, Mick Dempsey, Charlie Jameson, Eric McInerney,
Joseph Ryan, Paul Garrahy, Marcus Foley, Paudie O' Kelly,
Paul "The wall" Larkin, Adrian Patton, Pierre Rey Emanuelle,
Craig Robertson, Brendan Holohan, Aleks "shoulder" Stojkovic,
Dan "the man"Galavan , Sean MacCadam.

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