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Mens Spotlight

Warwick Oudeman

Originally from just north of Brisbane, Austrailia, Warwick adds a new edge to the Colmcilles. He has played Austrailian Rules football for a number of years and has adapted to the 'round' ball extremely quickly, establishing himself as one of the key members of the team. He prefers playing in midfield which is not unlike that of 'Ruck' in Ozzie rules. He possesses extensive experience with Austrailian Rules, both amatuer and professional - former teams include Delorine Tasmania (NTFL), Harvey Bay Lions (WBBAFL), Caloundra Panthers (BAFL), and Nambour (Sunshine Coast).

Ladies Spotlight

Sínead Larkin

Síneads' first competitive appearance for the Colmcilles ladies team was the Brussels tournament  2002, and prefers any role in defence. Some say she inherited her 'never say die' attitude from her home town of Birr in Ireland, also home of a hurling team which has enjoyed top level success on numerous occasions.  Others say its just a natural trait. Whichever the case, this was a crucial factor when the ladies team notched up their first victory during the Munich tournament in August 2002. Sínead is also involved in the administrative activities of the club, as joint secretary on the Colmcilles committee. 

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