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Mens players meeting

The Muenchen Colmcilles mens senior football team had their annual players meeting at the end of January 2003. Senior Football Trainer Kevin McGleenon addressed the squad, highlighting the challenges for the team for the year ahead. He highlighted his ambitions to win the 2003 European League, and the commitment it would take to acheive such a goal. This not only included commitment to training and an increased level of fitness, but also to the time taken to travel to each tournament, whether it be Luxembourg (approximatly 5 hrs by car) or Paris (approximatly 10 hrs. by car).

Announced at the meeting was the appointment of Noel McKenna as captain of the senior team for 2003. McKenna, one of the most experienced players in the squad, having previously played not only in Ireland, but also in the U.S. and London, emphasized to the attendees that they should already be aware of what is expected of them for 2003. Eric McInerney, another veteran of London GAA, and Martin Casey, will be joint coaches for the senior team for 2003.

Noel McKenna

Eric McInerney
Senior Coach

Martin Casey
Senior Coach

Kevin McGlennon
Seniors Trainer

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