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Congratulations.... Níall and Miriam who celebrated the christening of their baby daughter Maria on May 24th 2003. Maria also celebrated her first birthday the following day. Best wishes from the München Colmcilles!.

Maria Rugamer, a future star of the Colmcilles

Níall Barrett

Níall Barrett was the first official trainer of the Colmcilles and has taken part in numerous rounds of the European league since the club began participating in 2001, including the round 5 victory in August 2002. Paudi and Gracia who were married on April 16th this year at La Rabida, Huelva, Spain. The Colmcilles wish you all the best in the future!.                                


Paudi O' Kelly

Paudi O' Kelly is one of the founding members of the München Colmcilles and has been involved with the club both as player and on an administrative level when he was club treasurer from 2001 to 2002.  

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